Exactly months after being released from a virtually 14-year conservatorship, Britney Spears has made her official return to music and, boy, are we living.

Celebrate With Me, a disco-inspired, reimagining of some of Elton John's classics, marks the Princess of Pop's first new music since her 2016 album, Glory.

Count the headlights on the road,  sings Spears on the track, which interpolated John's "The One"  Don't Go Breaking My Heart," and "Tiny Dancer" into a club-ready bop.

The first verses feature Spears singing Sirius coupled with a pounding dance rhythm, while John breaks out with "Tiny Dancer" in the chorus.

Ad libs from both John and Spears including Spears signature and vocal-fried baby are spread throughout.

John's solo single transformed into a joint venture when he approached Britney Spears with the concept.

Britney Spears responded immediately, according to a press release.

Britney is a huge perfectionist when it comes to music, safeguarding until she feels the song is finished before she allows it to be released.

Spears hasn't released any of her new songs in over a decade. Until very recently, she d been pushing for releasing a new version of the track for a long time.

John has been collaborating with contemporary artists for the past years.